Our Mission Is To Help Professionals and Small Business Optimize Their Competitive Advantage...

     At Park Avenue Benefit Planning, our mission is to help professionals and small businesses optimize their competitive advantage. How? By maximizing the return on the cost uncurred for employee benefit plans with high quality programs, and the ability to attract and retain talented employees.

    Developing the best health and human resources strategies involves more than identifiying products and service providers and signing contracts.

Park Avenue Benefit Planning offers flexible and innovative solutions designed to address your employees' diverse benefit plan requirements. We make sure our team stays on the cutting edge of both coverage and your bottom line.

    With 15 years of industry experience, we have the expertise to help you balance the financial needs of your organization, and exceed the expectations of your employees. Customized solutions to attract and retain employees combined with possible cost savings and tax benefits. We deliver exceptional value by being independent benefits consultants who are not bound to offer a limited number of off-the-shelf solutions. We are committed to providing exceptional, individualized and responsive client service. We credit our growth to our focus on service and our investment in the tools and technology necessary to support our client base.


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